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Compost Tea FAQs

Sustainable gardening is on the rise.  There is increasingly more evidence that avoiding manmade chemicals in your garden benefits your health as well as the environment.  Amending the soil organically increases the nutrition of your food as well as decreasing water usage and maintaining the safety of our groundwater.  Compost and compost tea are key components in the preservation of soil health.

SoilSoup compost tea provides superior liquid compost that can be easily brewed in 24 hours. SoilSoup greatly improves the tilth of the soil by infusing it with billions of microbes to help meet the carbon needs of your garden.

Why are microbes so important?

What is the shelf life of the SoilSoup Nutrient Solution?

Until the bottle is opened, there is no limit to the shelf life.  Once opened there is the possibility for contamination and it is recommended that you promptly cap after dispensing.

What is the shelf life of the SoilSoup Worm Compost?

The worm compost will degrade over time and you will realize best results if it is consumed within 2 growing seasons.  Store in a cool dark place to maintain quality.

What are the input ratios when brewing SoilSoup Compost Tea?

No matter what size brewer (7G, 25G, 500G), the ratios remain constant and are listed below:

What is the shelf life of freshly brewed SoilSoup Compost Tea?

It is best to apply SoilSoup within 24/hrs after the end of a brewing cycle. 

How does temperature effect the time needed to complete the SoilSoup Compost Tea brewing cycle?

A little extra heat will accelerate the SoilSoup brewing process.  Soil microbes grow at a rate determined by temperature.  For optimum growth the temperature should be 86 degrees F., at this temperature the initial brew will take 24 hours and population doubling will occur every 30 minutes.  For every 10 degrees F. below 86 degrees the time required will double.

How do I know when the SoilSoup Compost Tea is ready?

Do I need to remove the chlorine from my water before I brew SoilSoup Compost Tea?

If you are on a municipal water supply, it is important that you “deplete” any added chlorine or chlorimine prior to starting your SoilSoup brew. Listed below are a few options for getting chlorine out of your water:

We also recommend utilizing test strips to confirm the chlorine has been removed.