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Probiotic Tree Care

SoilSoup Probiotic is a mildly acidic solution that is used to treat stressed tree roots. A stressed tree will often exhibit foliage problems showing spots or insect damage. Since trees have no immune system, they must rely on the symbiotic relationship between the roots and soil biota. If this goes wrong, human intervention is required to bring back the balance.

SoilSoup’s probiotic for trees reintroduces the beneficial microbes that include lactic acid producing bacteria that is much like yogurt or probiotic for humans. Other important families of microbes in this product include Actinomycetes of the phylum Actinobacteria which are the biochemical factories responsible for antibiotics such as streptomycin.

Perks of our probiotic for trees include:

If you’ve been considering a natural approach to probiotic tree care, you’ll be able to use more of our product for less. A half-gallon can treat one 6-8 foot tree!