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Compost Tea Brewing Supplies

SoilSoup Nutrient Solution and Worm Compost plus water are the ingredients used to make genuine SoilSoup actively aerated compost tea. They can be used in any brewer to make a cost effective garden friendly brew. Our compost tea supplies work especially well in SoilSoup brewing systems.

SoilSoup Nutrients are a proprietary blend of organic materials designed to grow the maximum population of garden ready soil microbes.

Additionally, a little bit goes a long way: you only need one ounce of Nutrient Solution for every gallon of water when you brew your tea, meaning you’ll save money.  

Our compost tea brewing supplies help you garden the natural (and affordable!) way. Spending money on pesticides and chemical-filled fertilizers does more than break the bank: it might also cost you your plants’ health. Should you have more questions about utilizing compost tea supplies, please reference our FAQs.