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SoilSoup pioneered the concept of small batch compost tea brewing over 15 years ago. Many use the term “SoilSoup” to refer to various generic compost teas or liquid compost concoctions, but it is only truly genuine SoilSoup Liquid Compost when our high quality proprietary nutrients and inoculants are brewed in a SoilSoup brewing system.

SoilSoup continues to innovate with the release of our new and improved 2nd generation compost tea brewing systems and the recent release of our new product category, SoilSoup Probiotic.

SoilSoup is a closely held family business. Key members of the management team include:

Rocky Rosenberg
Rocky is a seasoned entrepreneur experienced in all aspects of new venture formation. He comes to SoilSoup with over twenty years of management experience. He has been involved in many senior management roles with large technology and financial services organizations and has been a key player in building many companies that have been acquired.

Jerry Erickson
Jerry is an inventor and holds patents and trade secrets in a number of industries. He received the 2004 G.B. Gunlogson Award from The American Horticulture Society for the development of the SoilSoup liquid compost brewing system. He was one of the original founders of the SoilSoup brand in 1999, which was acquired by Microbial Magic LLC in 2007. In total, Jerry has been working in product development for more than forty years.