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Compost Tea Bucket Spigot & Shutoff Valve

$ 5.99

Compost Tea Bucket Spigot
Compost Tea Bucket Spigot Hose Shutoff Valve

$ 5.99

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Replacement bucket spigots and shutoff valves for the SoilSoup Brewing Systems:
  • Bucket Spigot:  This is used in the 5-7 G. Brewing Systems.  To install in a new bucket, measure 1  1/8" from the bottom of the bucket and make a mark.  Then take a 3/4" hole saw and align with the mark and drill a hole in the bucket.  Insert the spigot through the hole with one gasket on the outside of the bucket.  Put the other gasket on the inside and then tighten the nut. 
  • Hose Shutoff Valve:  This is used in our 25 G. Brewing Systems